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Heart of the Dolomites Jan.2020

  • 25 Jan 2020
  • 01 Feb 2020
  • Arabba
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  • Partial participation 1, after special agreement
  • Partial participation 2, after special agreement
  • Accomodation from 25.01. - 01. 02. 2020 (7 nights), half board, no Skipass included
  • Accomodation from 25.01 - 01.02. 2020 (7 nights), half board, no Skipass included

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After the prequel 2019, when the MISC went the first time to Fodom*, the tiny little Heart of the Dolomites, we will be back next season. Join us again for another unforgettable trip, with amazing opportunities to ski, reachable in front of the door. We go straight into the center. On the map you should look for Arabba at the south-eastern edge of the Sella Group.

First, you should think early about signing, even though now summer has arrived and you have other things in mind. We started prearrangements again extraordinary early, but if many of you claim interest, I will try to reserve more rooms to fulfill as many wishes as possible. (But the later I try, the harder it will be to get rooms, so I´m afraid later sign-ups to waitlist could end in a disappointment. Affordable Rooms are sold-out very early there)

Skiing opportunities: 

You have the famous Sella Ronda, the Marmolada with its incomparable view easy to reach, challenging rides on the north side of Porta Vescovo and a large variety of easier pistes in the area of Cherz, Pralongia and Col Alt. Historical interests can be satisfied on the Giro della Grande Guerra (and by me, as long as you wish). And this is only an excerpt.

All of them can be reached from the first lift 50 m from the Albergo, no car needed in the morning (or the evening ;-) )

And if you ask attendees from last year: The tour we did last season at the final day is really special.


We will stay in Albergo Pordoi with a long family tradition in the center of Arabba. Franco Furgler and his charming staff will welcome you. By now 9 double rooms are reserved as a start for the whole last week of January. If already sold out, sign for waitlist and I will try to organize accommodation for as many as possible.

Prices are 578€ half-board the whole week for members in double-rooms, and 628€ for non-members. This is for those rooms that are reserved by now. (Later organized rooms for waitlist can have other prizes since I will have to try other hotels also, but I will arrange that agreeing with you).

Apres-Ski/Evening Party

Fodom is a calm place, and I love this. To be honest, there is only one small bar (Bar Peter) for Apres Ski. But this one is only 10 m opposite the Albergo Pordoi. And if you wish, also at night we will be able to rock this bar to hell and back. I’m sure Artur Filippin, the Landlord, will let us, as long as there is anyone able to stand upright.

MISC meets Coro Fodom (again)

For the last evening I plan a really special event: We will meet my friends from Coro Fodom (the local men´s choir) for a final dinner up the Burz. They will sing for us, and you can believe me: You might find choirs singing better in technical aspects, you might find choirs that sing more challenging songs. But I have little hope you will find a choir transporting better something really special with the music, emotions, spirit, the way to live the music and fill the music with life. According to these aspects I have heard no better. The price for this event, including Dinner up the Burz and the transport with snowcats is included this time.


The trip is planned as a U-drive event (by car), but we will organize car pools. It´s a 4h-trip from munich. It´s not absolutely guaranteed that everybody can get a place in the car pools (I expect some solidarity from car owners), but train is also a good option. Railway to Bruneck and then Bus to Corvara is no problem, and for the last 10km there are solutions I will arrange. If there are enough wishes to do the whole trip by bus instead, (tell when registering), I´d organize that.

Some more about the location 

Fodom is a little paradise, not only to me, many people fell in love with it (also last time with the MISC). The first you will see is the amazing landscape, unbelievable beautiful. But you will find even more if you involve into people, culture and history. If you are able to open your heart, you will feel the certain spirit of this place. Everybody who wants to know more can get much information from me, as long as he wants.

And don´t hesitate to ask me for more questions, wishes or Extrawurscht. I´ll be happy to make this an unforgettable event for as many of you as possible, and to share this extraordinary place with you.

Terms and conditions

The MISC standard Terms and Conditions can be found here: Terms and Conditions

Event Specific Terms and conditions

Registrations will be open for „members only“ till the End of July, from then it will be opened for associates also. Once registered, a non-refundable deposit of 50% is required latest at 1st of November – you get payment information in your invoice.

From 1st of November your place is only secured if you have paid the deposit. While the deposit is not received anyone else can pick your place then.

Final payment of the remaining sum is required by 22.12.2019, otherwise your place will be forfeited.

The organisers are purely conciliating accommodation (including half board and the included evening "MISC meets Coro Fodom"), we therefore take no responsibility for any incidents or accidents or other detrimental events occurring before, while or after these activities. You travel, ski and party at your own risk, in a purely private sport activity. By registering you agree to these terms and conditions, including the club’s cancellation policy.

Cancellation policy summary:

- The deposits are non-refundable unless there is a way the the club has no expenses for this canceled space. A handling fee of 30 € will be applied in that case.

- Cancellations will be accepted before 22.12.2019 and any amount paid in excess of the deposit will be refunded. For cancellations made after 22.12.2019 all payments will be forfeited, unless the club will have no expenses for this, e.g. in these cases:

  • There is a replacement (you should help finding one)
  • We can cancel at the hotel also or we are not charged for some reason
  • ...

One more thing:

Last season we offered to go there for the half week. I don´t provide this generally for next time. We had more full-weekers than I expected, and many from the half-weekers regretted not to have signed for the full week. This is really true. But my offer for Extrawurscht includes also this: If you want to go there only for a part of the week, ask me, I will try to arrange time slices for some rooms if I have more requests like these, but there is no guarantee.

* Ladinic name for Italian „Livinalongo de Col di Lana“, a nice valley between Arabba and Pieve (more information here).back

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